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Taking the Unpleasant Out of the Unknown

As Zoe’s foster dad, guest blogger Bob Dougherty shares tips for raising a successful working dog. Bob is also a K9 officer with Cheltenham Police Department and Adjunct Trainer at the WDC.

As Zoe’s foster parents, knowing that our puppy may have to climb on rubble or search a building for a suspect, it’s important to recognize areas where we can help her gain more confidence. A little training at home can go a long way in helping the WDC training staff accomplish these goals.  Read Full Article ›

Volunteer Appreciation Week

A note from Judi Berke, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

Photo: Ann Peters, PApaBear, and Wendy Wiesmiller.

“Since I began my role as Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center more than a year ago, I have seen first-hand the dedication of our volunteers and I am continually inspired by their passion for the center. The Working Dog Center is committed to making a positive contribution to the research, development and training of scent detection dogs. One of many ways this is accomplished is by having a volunteer program opportunity for interested, driven and dedicated individuals. Read Full Article ›

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