The 2014 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference is dedicated to exploring the different aspects of working dog health. Our goal is to provide attendees with information targeted for their specific roles in the working dog community to help them maximize a dog’s well-being and health during training, deployment and injury rehabilitation. This unique conference will combine current scientific findings with field expertise to bring a comprehensive and specialized educational opportunity to each member of the working dog health team.

Attendees will include veterinarians, veterinary technicians, scientists, program managers, and working dog teams representing service and guide dogs, patrol/protection dogs, search and rescue/recovery, narcotics and explosive detection, pest detection, seizure alert, therapy dogs, military canines, customs & border protection dogs, competitive sports, and more.

We invite proposals for lectures and/or wet labs in the following categories

  • Sports Medicine: Injury prevention and rehabilitation in the working dog
  • Nutrition: Maintaining health and maximizing performance through nutrition
  • Behavior: Advancing working dogs through improved understanding of canine behavior
  • Emergency & Preventative Medicine: Occupational hazards in the working dog

Presenters are given the opportunity to present in one of the following formats
30 minute presentation + 15 minutes Q&A
30 minute wet lab + 15 minutes Q&A
75 minute wet lab + 15 minutes Q&A

Multiple proposals are allowed. Please submit presentations individually.

Individuals whose proposals are selected for presentation will receive discounted conference registration which includes all meals.
Discount rate: 1 session – 25% discount, 2 sessions – 50% discount