6 New Grads

Penn Current features 6 new graduates!

We wish Logan, Quest, Felony, Pinto, Pacy, and Jake the best in their future careers.

4 New Graduates

The Penn Vet Working Dog Center celebrated the graduation and careers of 4 members of the WDC program!

Bretagne – Diabetes Alert
Morgan – Narcotics Detection
Thunder – Urban Search & Rescue)
Zzisa – Explosives Detection

CBS 3 Philly was on hand for the celebration.

A Dog’s Day

The Philadelphia Daily News followed Jesse P. through a day of training to learn how we turn puppies into 4-legged heroes.

Diabetes Alert Dog Study on The Pulse

WHYY-FM follows Bretagne and learns about our Diabetes Alert Dog training program.


WDC Good Business for South Bank

Philadelphia Business Journal shares how the WDC is contributing to the growth and success of South Bank Campus at the University of Pennsylvania.

Last night on NBC Nightly News, McBaine and the WDC team shared how they are improving early diagnosis with our Ovarian Cancer Detection Study.


Kick Off Canine Handler Academy

CBS Philly stopped by to see all the fun our Canine Handler Academy students were having.

Real World Training

Many 2014 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference attendees, including 5 from the Angolan Customs Department, joined us for the Scenario Based Training on Sunday, June 8th, that incorporated real world search scenarios and medical incident simulations.

This was an opportunity for handlers and the veterinary team to work together providing the best care for the working dog.

ABC 6 was on hand to see these teams in action.


Our next conference is planned for 2016. Details will be shared here on our website, Facbook, and Twitter.

The WDC is excited to welcome two dogs, Ffoster and Zzisa, to our program.

Learn more about the cooperative agreement between DHS and WDC that makes this opportunity possible.

We are excited to announce a new partnership with the Ovarian Cancer Symptom Awareness Organization (OCSA), the proud sponsor of Ohlin and his work in our ovarian cancer detection study.

OCSA works to expand public awareness of the symptoms of ovarian cancer in an effort to contribute to the early detection of this deadly disease, and by doing so, save lives.

Learn more about OCSA and Ohlin at

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