Guess Who’s Coming To Dinner?

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Maxine Weber, volunteer and guest blogger, shares her thoughtful and often humorous observations from inside the WDC.

It’s not my husband’s fault he’s a cat lover. His mother was a breeder of champion Burmese cats when he was a kid.   He has been known to honk at “Cats Rule, Dogs Drool” bumper stickers. But, since opposites attract, my husband ended up marrying a dog lover. My many pleadings for a dog have been met with a scrunched up face and a shake of the head. “No Dogs”.   (So now I am getting my dog fix by volunteering at the Working Dog Center.) Read Full Article ›

New Classes Start October 27th


Register now! Space is limited!

Puppy Socialization
Mondays, 7:30-8:30p, starts Oct. 27th
$150/6 week session
Click HERE to learn more and register.

Basic Obedience
Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30p, starts Oct. 29th
$100/4 week session
Click HERE to learn more and register.

Thursdays, 7:30-8:30p, starts Oct. 30th
$160/6 week session
Click HERE to learn more and register.

The Happy Dance


Maxine Weber, volunteer and guest blogger, shares her thoughtful and often humorous observations from inside the WDC.

From the time my son was strong enough to stand, he periodically did something that my sister-in-law dubbed “the happy dance”. Pure joy radiated from his little round face and spread through the rest of his body. He would hoist himself up, holding onto the nearest piece of furniture, get up on his tip toes and step excited back and forth, wagging his rear end and shriek with glee. Read Full Article ›

Job Opening


The Penn Vet Working Dog Center has an opening for a full time trainer. We expect to fill this position soon, so apply now if you are interested.

If you are interested:

STEP 1: visit

STEP 2: apply for reference number 58-18408

I Remember

Tosch_Abby_2 sm

by Maxine Weber, Volunteer

I sit at my desk listening to the sounds of children playing in the school yard behind my house. On a beautiful September afternoon, the sound of them happily playing some version of tag or chase can get so loud that I sometimes have to close my window if someone calls on the phone. It is a happy, innocent noise and so my window closing is one of a practical matter; I am not annoyed. Read Full Article ›

New Class for Law Enforcement K9


The WDC is offering current and sworn Law Enforcement K9 Officers and their Back-up Officers a one day scenario-based training.

Date: October 10, 2014
Time: 7:00am – 4:00pm
Location: Penn Vet Working Dog Center

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Introducing The Building Search


In addition to the rubble pile we have here at the WDC, we also use an abandoned building near our property to help us to train our dogs.

Building searches provide different scenting conditions then what the dogs encounter on the rubble pile.

We expose our dogs to both types of searches to make sure they are prepared for any situation they may encounter in their career. Read Full Article ›

Search & Rescue Foundation

papa bear on rubble pile

As we shared in our last Search & Rescue blog, all of the WDC puppies get SAR foundation training.

However, not all of our dogs will go on to make search and rescue their career.

So why do we do this? What’s so important that all we include it in all of our dogs’ Puppy Foundation Training?

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Puppy Testing

Puppy Walking

We’ve been providing a number of updates about our puppies’down time, and how they’ve been adjusting to their lives as, well, puppies.

But this is the Working Dog Center, after all. In the fall, we’ll be bringing these nine pups into our Puppy Foundation Training Program.

In the interim, two of our college interns, Meghan Ramos and Patrick Robbins, have been doing some very specific exercises and tests with them.

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At the WDC, we have a unique foundation training program that serves as the starting point for all of our dogs, regardless of which one of our training programs they will be entering.

As soon as the puppies arrive, they are introduced to tug toys. We play lots of fun games with them to build their excitement for tugging.

Our goal is to build their prey and hunt drives, which are useful as we teach future skills.

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