A note from Judi Berke, Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator

Photo: Ann Peters, PApaBear, and Wendy Wiesmiller.

“Since I began my role as Volunteer & Outreach Coordinator at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center more than a year ago, I have seen first-hand the dedication of our volunteers and I am continually inspired by their passion for the center. The Working Dog Center is committed to making a positive contribution to the research, development and training of scent detection dogs. One of many ways this is accomplished is by having a volunteer program opportunity for interested, driven and dedicated individuals.

One such individual is Ann Peters! It is our great honor and pleasure to have her on our team!  Ann attended one of our tours and orientations in August 2014. She immediately began volunteering in September, 2014.   Ann is always willing to do anything and everything. She is quite organized, creative, intelligent, and funny. She keeps all of us on our toes!  Her observation and trouble-shooting skills are invaluable to us. She is also our comic relief!

Ann is originally from New Hampshire and attended grad school in the 70’s at Temple University majoring in Special Ed. She also volunteers at Meals on Wheels and is very interested in the arts. An artist herself, she completed an oil painting of the favorite dog of two Drexel students who completed their Co-Op Internship at the WDC .

When asked “What is the most important thing you would like people to know about you?”, she responded “Family and friends are most important to me!”

Ann and Wendy (photo) met at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center and became fast friends. Together, along with another volunteer named Margie, they supported the fund raising efforts that benefited the purchase of one of the WDC’s canines.

I hope that their lives have been enriched knowing that they assisted in the care and training of our dogs who literally save lives!