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This profile is part one of a five part series exploring the ins and outs of fostering for the Penn Vet Working Dog Center and is written by guest blogger Devin Christopher.

I met up with Caroline New at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center on a Friday evening. Caroline was there to pick up McBaine, whom she has been fostering since he was 9 months old. Her boyfriend Mike was nice enough to join us. McBaine is a two year old Springer Spaniel (donated by Breezy Hollow Spaniels and sponsored by Saint Germain Catering) and perhaps one of the most well-known dogs at the Center. Read Full Article ›

As Zoe’s foster dad, guest blogger Bob Dougherty shares tips for raising a successful working dog. Bob is also a K9 officer with Cheltenham Police Department and Adjunct Trainer at the WDC.

The reason to take any puppy on environmental exposure field trips is simply to get them out into the world they will live, work, and play. If a puppy is exposed early and often (excluding anything overwhelming or during fear periods) they will be a more balanced dog as they mature. Read Full Article ›

John Toth is a volunteer who shared this essay he wrote about his experience with one very special WDC dog.

To say I am enamored with Sirius might be an adequate description of our relationship. To say that he appreciates when I throw the ball for him, or when I sit near his crate, would probably be true. More importantly though is what Sirius means to all of us. His unquestioning devotion, unapologetic love, and sheer enthusiasm are a sustaining and comforting constant in an uncertain and turbulent world. Sirius, true to his name, carries a comforting light in his questioning and insistent brown eyes. Read Full Article ›