Zzisa Training

Who would have guessed that feeding 9 puppies could be so much work?

Zzisa is finding that out this week, as she adjusts to her new life as a mother. The most important thing that she is doing right now is making sure she can produce enough milk for the entire litter.

That’s a lot of mouths to feed, so her whelping fosters are providing her with upwards of 4,000 calories per day—nearly 2.5 pounds of food!

However, eating and feeding the pups are not the only part of her job. She also needs to regain her energy and skills that she acquired as part of the Working Dog Center’s Explosive Detection Dog Program. In order to do this, Eric and Tracy take her through both mental and physical exercises. Her sessions are limited to around 5 minutes or so, since producing milk takes up most of her energy. Among the exercises that she is focusing on are core strength, balance, obedience, agility, and proprioception (body and limb awareness).

We’ll have more updates throughout the week, but for now, check out the gallery of pictures that Tracy Darling have provided.

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Zzisa joined the WDC as part of a cooperative agreement between the Center and the Department of Homeland Security. Read about this program HERE.