We mentioned the whelping box in Tuesday’s blog post, but we didn’t really talk a lot about what it actually is.

In fact, it’s one of the most important parts of the whelping process.

In the week leading up to the event, Zzisa will be slowly introduced to her specific box at the Darlings’ house.

We’ve included a diagram of some of the most important features of Zzisa’s whelping box.

Caption: Zzisa’s whelping box was donated by Jonart Whelping Boxes.

1—Walls of the whelping box are high enough that the newborn puppies are not able to climb over them. They are kept safe inside the walls until are capable and confident enough to begin exploring their environment.

2—Specially designed door that allows for the mother to enter and exit the box. In this picture, the door is as high as the walls, so that the puppies cannot leave. However, when Zzisa wants to join them or leave, the door can be lowered easily, allowing for a quick and easy passage.

3—Railings are very important for the safety of the puppies. The newborns like to stay near their mother’s body, both because of their maternal attachment and temperature regulation. However, this creates a risk of them being smothered if she rolls over. These railings allow for the puppies to have a safe space at the edge of the box where they are not in danger.

4—Floor of the whelping box is raised off the ground to allow for better temperature regulation. This is important because puppies are not very good at regulating their own temperatures. Also, the material of the floor must be easy to clean (9 puppies plus a mother can make for a dirty space!)

Only 2 days left until her due date! Check back in for more updates!