Today we shine the spotlight on Dr. Amy Farcas who is one of our 2014 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference presenters.

A professor at the University of Pennsylvania, she’ll be discussing the trend among dog owners to feed a diet of raw meat to their pets in lieu of traditional kibble.

The goal of Dr. Farcas’s presentation is to help owners explore the raw diet option and “maximize benefits while reducing risks.” In Paleo For Dogs? Vets Say Trendy Diet Could Make Humans Sick, NPR dubs the raw diet as the canine equivalent to the Paleo diet—a practice that declares it is healthier to eat as our Paleolithic ancestors did.

But is this safe for dogs? Does feeding raw provide balanced nutrition?

With raw meat being more likely to expose dog and owner to salmonella or other bacteria, and the concern for meeting the dietary requirements of our canine companions, these are a questions we must ask.

Find the answers to these questions and more at Dr. Farcas’s talk, Friday at 4:10pm! Register HERE.