It may have been more than a week since we last checked in with Zzisa’s puppies, but that doesn’t mean they’ve been idle!

We got an update from the Darlings, our whelping fosters, on what the puppies have been up to.

All nine have developed a distinct personality and each has their own quirks and attributes.

As they’ve grown over their first month of life, they’ve all developed a playful attitude.

They’ve been playing tug with anything they can—chew toys, leather toys, cat toys, towels—and are chasing each other all over the place. They’ve also discovered the joys of a kiddie pool on a hot summer day, and frequently jump in to it off of a small ramp that Eric constructed.

In addition, we’ve been helping the puppies get used to different surfaces and heights. Since they’re so young, we’ve put them on small planks that are about 3 inches off the ground—they’ve been doing well with that so far!

As always, you can check out our puppy photo gallery here: http://pennvetwdc.org/2014/annoucements/our-first-litter-2/