It’s our puppies’one week birthday!

As you’ve no doubt heard, Zzisa had the Penn Vet Working Dog Center’s first litter on June 6th. Zzisa is one of two dogs that have joined us as part of a cooperative agreement between the Department of Homeland Security and the WDC.

Last Friday at 9:03 am, Zzisa gave birth to the first of nine, a healthy 311 gram baby boy.

In the week that has passed, he’s grown to 706 grams. His eight siblings have started to grow as well, and our whelping fosters, Eric and Tracy Darling, report that all of the puppies and mother are doing very well.

Even as early as one week of age, one of the most amazing things about observing puppies is that they are already starting to develop their own personalities and behaviors. One of the most obvious ways that we see this is through their nursing techniques. Some of the pups have taken to nursing from Zzisa while sprawled out on their backs. Amusingly, some rather enjoy climbing over, and lying on top of, their siblings while they nurse.

Over the coming days and weeks, we’ll be sharing more about the individual puppies, as well as the process of integrating them into the Working Dog Center’s Puppy Foundation Programs.

Check out our full gallery of pictures of the litter, courtesy of Tracy Darling!


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