Sleeping Puppy in Food Bowl

It’s been about a week since we gave you our last update on our puppies, and boy what a week it has been!

With their teeth starting to come in, the puppies had their first solid food.

They loved it, but soon fell into the most adorable food coma you’ll ever see.

The puppies have also been exposed to a variety of new experiences and environments. It started last week, when they caught some World Cup Fever. We gave them little soccer balls to play with, and while they didn’t really understand the concept of the soccer, they really enjoyed trying to chew on their fuzzy soccer balls.

Puppy Playgroun SmSince our puppies have also grown a lot in size in their first month, we also opened their whelping box to let them spread their legs a bit. They even went outside for the first time, which has extended into short outside play sessions. We’ve attached pictures of their escapades in our photo gallery.

They’re still growing and developing as we expect puppies to, but over the next week our whelping fosters, Eric & Tracy Darling, will introduce them to new scents, sounds, and textures to help get them started on the path to being successful working dogs!