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Maxine Weber, volunteer and guest blogger, shares her thoughtful and often humorous observations from inside the WDC.

It’s not my husband’s fault he’s a cat lover. His mother was a breeder of champion Burmese cats when he was a kid.   He has been known to honk at “Cats Rule, Dogs Drool” bumper stickers. But, since opposites attract, my husband ended up marrying a dog lover. My many pleadings for a dog have been met with a scrunched up face and a shake of the head. “No Dogs”.   (So now I am getting my dog fix by volunteering at the Working Dog Center.) Our pet philosophies collided the Friday before Labor Day. All the dogs at the Center live with foster families and one of the foster families was going out of town. They could not take the dog with them and needed someone to watch their dog for 2 days. “Could you take one of the dogs for the weekend?” a staff member asked me. And, it wasn’t just any dog… it was one of Zzisa’s new puppies. A Puppy!!! My little dog-loving heart jumped with glee. I immediately called my husband and braced myself for a heavy negotiation session. I was surprised when he agreed to have a four-legged house guest.

So, Friday afternoon I arrived home with a crate, expandable gate, a suitcase full of dog toys and one very cute Labrador retriever puppy named Pierce. Pierce is as sweet as can be and very well-behaved but being only two months old, requires certain attention. I forgot how much work a puppy can be. Besides the frequent potty walks, Pierce needed someone to pay attention to her and talk to her. Leaving the room was met with howling. Lest our neighbors think I was torturing her, I set up puppy camp in the kitchen. One of us was with her all day, except for nap time. Even my cat-loving husband was won over by the sweet puppy and laid down on the floor with her, “so she’d know it was nap time”.

The weekend went by quicker than I’d like and on Sunday, I returned Pierce to her foster mom. The whole experience made me realize how dedicated the foster families are to our dogs. It is a labor of love. The fosters share their home and hearts with our dogs, knowing that one day, the dogs will graduate and move onto their permanent home. Until that time, those puppies are making dog lovers out of cat people one husband at a time.

Photo of Pierce with foster mom Allison