The recent recirculation of any article on Facebook has stirred up a lot of questions about the safety of giving your dog ice water or ice cubes to cool them down.

This story also brought in to question the ability for the ice cubes/water to trigger gastric dilation volvulus (GDV) or “bloat”.

To provide you the WDC community with scientific-based information on this subject, we turned to 2014 Working Dog Conference presenter, Janice Baker, DVM.

Dr. Baker has served 14 combined years of service in the US Army Veterinary Corps on active duty and in the U.S. Army Reserve, the majority with units within U.S. Special Operations Command. Between her military and other federal government service, she has deployed multiple times to Iraq, Afghanistan, and East Africa, specializing in medical contingency planning for high-risk operations.

She uses this experience now with her company, Veterinary Tactical Group, providing training and consulting for civilian law enforcement and military tactical canine programs to mitigate hazards for working dogs and their human counterparts in high-risk tactical canine operations.

*DVDs of Dr. Baker’s 2014 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference presentations on heat injury will be available end of September 2014-early October. Order yours at or

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