After a long first round of voting, we are happy to announce that Bretagne has advanced to the semifinals of the Hero Dog Award competition!

First off, we’d like to thank you for all of your voting and sharing, because that’s what got us this far.

But now is where the real push begins. Bretagne is a 9/11 Search & Rescue dog that chose the Working Dog Center as her charity partner. This means that if she wins the whole competition, a donation will be made to the Center in her name.

She finished as one of the top 3 in the “Search & Rescue Dog” category, and now she is up against two other dogs to determine who moves on to the finals. Voting is open from now until June 30th. You can vote every day!

Read more to learn about Bretagne’s career highlights.

Deployments:bretagne on rubble

—World Trade Center, 2001
—Olympic Winter Games, 2002
—Hurricane Rita, 2005

Her handler, Denise Corliss, recalls her working at Ground Zero “like a pro, as if she had done it for years, even though it was her first time.” She also singles out the moment when Bretagne found a firefighter having a tough time, and comforting him by putting her head in his lap.

To this day, she continues to have a great ability to comfort others. Bretagne currently works in an elementary school, helping first graders learn to read. Denise wrote of a time when Bretagne found a special-needs child in the classroom and helped comfort him on a particularly bad day.

Bretagne is a true hero, but she needs help from you!


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