We have enjoyed sharing recent milestones of Zzisa’s puppies’ development.

Not only have our puppies been growing a lot over the past week, but they’ve started to behave a bit more like full-grown dogs as well. The most noticeable change has been them opening their eyes. Puppies tend to open their eyes between 10-14 days after birth, so they are right on track!

As their eyes have open, the puppies have started to take a larger interest in the world around them. That is, while last week they were blindly climbing all over each other to nurse, now they are moving more independently. Their movements are much more coordinated than they were, and their whelping fosters have even had to put up the door on their whelping box to prevent an escape! Their sight is still not fully developed, but that’s not stopping them from exploring their space and having a blast.

Another noticeable development has been their ability to bark. At first, the puppies would merely whimper and squeak. Now, that’s turned into more of a growl or bark—and even a howl or two! Now would be a good time to thank our whelping fosters, Tracy and Eric Darling, for having nine barking puppies in their home and taking such good care of them.

Check out the most recent photos in our album to see the puppies with their eyes open!


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