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Registration is now open for Puppy Socialization Class awarded “Best Puppy Training” by 2013 Best of Philly.

When: Class starts Monday, January 6th @ 7pm
6 week session
Where: Penn Vet Working Dog Center
3401 Grays Ferry Avenue, Philadelphia PA

Click HERE to register for Puppy Socialization Class.

This science based socialization and training program addresses puppy socialization  to other dogs and people, introduction and exposure to novel stimuli (sounds, surfaces, objects), low stress handling, practical reward based training and discussion of topics including housebreaking, crate training, feeding, limiting unwanted behaviors (chewing, mouthing and jumping behaviors) and recognizing dog body language.


Dr. Carlo Siracusa is a board certified veterinary behaviorist and the current director of PennVet Behavior Service. He has practicing behavioral medicine since 2003, both in EU and the US.

Dr. Jacqueline Wilhelmy is a intern at PennVet Behavior Service. She is an experienced dog trainer, and proud mom of agility Champion Mer.

Ms. Alison Seward is a behavior technician at PennVet Behavior. She has a long experience as dog owner and dog trainer, and a great knowledge of dog communication.

PREREQUISITE: first DHPP vaccine

CLASS LOCATION: Penn Vet Working Dog Center

OTHER: – age 8-16 weeks

Click HERE to register for Puppy Socialization Class.