When: September 25-26, 2013
Where: Calamityville-National Center for Medical Readiness
Prerequisite: Completed basic first aid course and/or have specialized medical training (e.g., physician, EMT, paramedic).

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Join Ohio Disaster Search Dogs for a two day Advanced First Aid seminar taught by the Penn Vet Working Dog Center. This class will include both lecture and hands on practice. The course reviews basic first aid and builds on advanced elements of critical and preventative working canine care. Great class for handlers looking to increase their  first aid skills and non-handlers in the medical profession interested in improving their care for working dogs in the field. Topics covered include:

  • Fluid therapy
  • Airway management
  • Key concepts in drug dosing for the canine
  • Advanced decontamination
  • Advanced CPR
  • Scenario based problems

Following the First Aid Class, Ohio Disaster Search Dogs invites you to a 3 day HRD Seminar. Questions, contact Athena Haus @

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