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At the University of Pennsylvania, Dr. Nicola Mason, an Assistant Professor of Medicine in collaboration with Advaxis Inc. is currently evaluating the first vaccine for canine osteosarcoma. This approach harnesses the power of the dog’s immune system, “training” it to seek out and destroy cancer cells that remain after amputation and chemotherapy. In a phase I clinical trial, dogs are being recruited to determine the safety and efficacy of a genetically modified Listeria vaccine to prolong survival. Read Full Article ›

We are excited to introduce the newest member of the class–McBaine!

Breed: Springer Spaniel
Gender: Male
Kennel: Breeze Hallow Spaniels
Foster: Lynn Carroll & JoAnn Puccella
Sponsor: St. Germain Catering & Mina Ebrahimi
Legacy: McBaine (handler Eliodora Chamberlain) – Control group 9/11 Study

Conference logoThis particular portion of our 2013 Penn Vet Working Dog Conference allows us to bring attention to, and build interest in, diverse types of working dog training and research currently going on. We are excited to offer the opportunity for individuals to present the latest information gathered from their experience regarding our topic “The Art & Science of Training: Dog and Handler”.

Submissions – February 1, 2013
Announcements – March 1, 2013
Submit proposal HERE

10 minute presentation followed by 5 minutes for questions.

Any questions regarding the Highlights from the Field presentations should be directed to the Conference Coordinator at or 707-701-3390.

Nosework is one of the fastest growing K9 sports. Open to dogs of all ages, breeds and temperaments, you can enjoy watching your dog use its natural desire to sniff around in a constructive way. Nosework not only helps work off some of your dog’s energy but builds your relationship as you learn to read your dog better.

Instructor: Linda Murphy, CMWI
First class 1/30/13
Penn Vet Working Dog Center

Download flyer for more information.

The K9 After Action Report from Hurricane Sandy was recently released. This report focuses on addressing the quantity and quality of veterinary care and K9 specific hazard awareness and mitigation provided pre-, during-, and post-deployment.

This report includes responses from 30 of the 41 deploying handlers. 87% of these handlers had deployment experience and had an average tenure of 9 years.

Author: Dr. Lori Gordon is a member of the USAR Veterinary Group, a group of veterinarians who train with FEMA USAR task forces across the country and focus on the “care, safety, and treatment of Urban Search and Rescue canines during their drills, certification tests, and deployments.”  Dr. Gordon is also a member of MATF-1.


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January is National Train Your Dog Month and the Working Dog Center is hear to help ensure you make the most of it.

This month we are offering two unique 4 week sessions starting Thursday, January 10th.
$100 – 4 classes
15% discount to certified working teams

1/10, 1/17, 1/24 & 1/31
7:05 pm – 7:50 pm

You and your dog will learn fun behaviors and have a great time together.

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1/10, 1/17, 1/24 & 1/31
8:00 pm – 8:45 pm

Explore fitness and conditioning exercises to help enhance your canine partner’s performance and minimize injury.

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