SWGDOG was created as a response to concerns coming from a variety of sectors including law enforcement and homeland security regarding the need to improve the performance, reliability, and courtroom defensibility of detector dog teams and their optimized combination with electronic detection devices.  They work to generate best practices which go through a 6 month approval process, including an 8 week public comment period, where feedback is solicited from the community. SWGDOG currently has approved best practice guidelines in all 9 concentration areas, ranging from training, health, and research to substance and scent disciplines. Recently approved documents include contraband, currency, firearm, and live people in avalanche disasters. The newest document drafted, Searching for Human Remains in a Disaster Environment, will be posted for public comment before the end of the year. There are now thirty nine approved guidelines within 436 pages of resources. Some documents are also under a required two year review such as terminology, general guidelines, and selection of serviceable dogs and replacement systems.

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