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Working Canine Critical Care Clinic LogoWhen: January 19-20, 2013

Where: Owens College, Center for Emergency Preparedness, 30150 Tracy Road, Walbridge, OH 43465

What: The two-day Working Canine Critical Care Clinic will instruct canine handlers and participants on how to treat these specialized canines under emergent conditions when immediate care may not be available.

Topics include how to maintain and assess vital functions, treating canine trauma, hemorrhage, fractures, sprain/strains, dehydration, heat, cold, toxicity, airway maintenance and nose care. Many dogs place heavy demands on their musculoskeletal system. Just as professional athletes regularly work with trainers and sports medicine professionals, working canines susceptible to the same types of stresses should also condition to protect against injury. Dr. Otto will discuss the different  strengthening and conditioning options available to handlers to maintain an injury free, mission ready partner.

Download flyer for more information on the clinic and how to register.