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Knowing your dog’s normal values in the resting state, various weather conditions, and at different levels of work will help you better identify when there is a problem.






Normal: 100-102.5°F
Take rectally w/rapid digital thermometer

Normal: 60-140 beats/minute
Larger/fit dogs can be lower

Normal: 18-24 breaths/minute
Panting can increase respiration 100X

To learn more about canine first aid, join us for one of our Working Canine Critical Care workshops held at various locations across the country. See upcoming events.

Sarah Griffith and dogs Mack and Vince

Sarah Griffith with Mack and Vince

We are excited to introduce the newest member of our team and Assistant Director of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center – SARAH GRIFFITH

Sarah comes to us from a successful career helping non-profit organizations reach and exceed their goals. She will be working with the center to guide the renovations and opening of our facility in Philadelphia.

Sarah also brings a wealth of experience that will help us enhance opportunities for volunteerism and financial contributions so that individuals and communities across the country can contribute their gifts and talents to the critical mission of the PVWDC.

Sarah looks forward to getting to meet all of our many supporters and study participants in upcoming events!

To learn more about Sarah click here.